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Stop That Bad Guy(ing)

Stop That Bad Guy(ing): Finding Parental Equality

It happens without warning: One day you and the hubs are bebopping along, bragging about your equal parenting and WHAM your threenager is asking dad (or mom) for the exact thing you just said “no” to. Um, hello? Did he or she not hear you? Just like that, you’ve been drop-kicked off your pedestal and back to earth with the rest of […]

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discipline disaster

Discipline Disaster

As you may know by now, throughout this week, Fort Worth Moms Blog has been in the midst of a series on discipline. We’ve talked about methods such as love and logic, peaceful parenting, spanking (or not), conscious discipline, and time outs. Parenting wisdom at its best, right? Now, I’d like to let you in on a little secret: […]

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Showing the Heart of Discipline

In a sad, teary voice, my two-year-old daughter looked up at me and said, “Mommy, don’t use the loud voice. Loud voice is mean.” And she was 100 percent right. And my heart broke. At that moment, I wasn’t disciplining properly. I was just being mean. This instance caused me to stress less about which method […]

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Quadruple the Love and Logic

When out in public, it’s not uncommon for onlookers to ask a barrage of questions regarding our quadruplets. I’ve become relatively accustomed to the range of questions, and stock answers generally roll off my tongue without much conscious thought on my part. One hot summer day, I schlepped all four kids to Costco myself and […]

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Why We Choose to Discipline in Love

When my husband and I were googley-eyed newlyweds, we began discussing our plans for the future one night: Save money, have kids, live on a cul-de-sac, white picket fence (my plan, clearly). While my husband was super stoked about the saving money part, I, of course, was ecstatic about the promise of becoming a mommy […]

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