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Why My Family Is Doing Nothing for Spring Break

The kids come home from preschool exhausted and begging for stay-home days, and for the love of all things holy, I FEEL THEM. We have grown weary of early mornings and long workdays and have found ourselves in a perpetual state of low-grade grumpiness. Even the pugs are irritable.  And that, my friends, is why […]

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To the Special Needs Mom Who May Never Sleep Again  

I may never sleep again. As moms, we’ve all had this thought run through our head at one point or another. Maybe your baby is less than six months old. Sick or teething. Maybe you recently potty trained them or they’re going through a sleep regression. No matter the cause, it’s exhausting and mood-altering. Lack […]

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Mommy Needs Sleep

A Converted Napper’s Guide to Better Sleep

If you’re like me — or like the 10 percent of people that, the CDC reports, suffer from chronic insomnia — you’re at greater risk for associated ailments like depression, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Yikes! Mamas, it’s time to slow down, assess your rest routine and celebrate Better Sleep Month this May.

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Change Is Hard (Time Change, that Is)

I have tried everything. Before that clock jumps ahead in the spring, I have spent two weeks inching back that bedtime, 5-10 minutes at a time. Nope. The kid isn’t fooled. In the fall, I have allowed him to stay up a little later, in hopes that he would sleep in and save me from […]

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New Mama, It Gets Easier

Just Give It Two Weeks I remember my favorite postpartum nurse giving me this advice before I took our baby home from the hospital. Wrenn was only two days old, and neither of us could get the hang of this nursing thing. She couldn’t latch; she couldn’t stay latched; she couldn’t stay awake during feedings. […]

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