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Reading Book

21-Day Reading Challenge

The truth is not that I lack free time; it’s just that I’ve allowed my habit of scrolling and reading 280 characters or less to hijack the discipline it takes to sit and read a book. I’ve allowed myself to be too busy to read, even though reading has always been something I enjoy. So, […]

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summer bucket list

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Mom

Don’t get me wrong — I love my children and relish the opportunity to spend our summers together. But filling their buckets is going to be difficult when my bucket is bone dry. And that’s why I have decided to create a summer bucket list for myself, full of those things that feed my soul […]

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Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Now that Halloween is officially over and the time change has messed with our kids’ internal clocks (and ours too!), it’s time to shift from carving pumpkins to pumpkin pie, from candy to turkey, and from “trick-or-treat” to “I am thankful.” Gratefulness seems to be a tough one for kids — especially young ones — […]

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Let’s Read About Autumn!

It’s fall, y’all! I always get excited about this particular season change—drawing pictures of pumpkins on our dry-erase calendar, making substitutions in my closet (hello, boots!), and even deviating from my usual Starbucks order. My kids, on the other hand, hardly seem to notice. I get it. Children have an abstract sense of time and take each day as it comes—a beautiful […]

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