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Belly Diaries: A Love Letter

My dearest youngest borns, I might have cried scared tears when I saw the both of you on that sonogram back in June. I never expected you, but I think I wanted this all along. I pushed the deep desire for twins down somewhere in between all nighters and diapers and breastfeeding gone awry with […]

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The Modern Mama: Your Complete Fall/Winter Guide to Trends in Maternity Wear

Oh, to be pregnant during the fall. Standing on your puffy feet all day drinking O’Douls at tailgates just isn’t quite as fulfilling as you imagined it would be. Drinking decaf Pumpkin Spice Lattes doesn’t give you that one-two punch of caffeine and sugar that you’re used to. And leafing through your massive stack of September issues, you […]

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Belly Diaries: The No Fluff Hospital Bag

At 38 weeks pregnant with my second child I decided it was probably time to pack my hospital bag for labor and delivery. It had been about two and half years since I packed my bag for Jack and I didn’t remember what I had put in it. If you search for what goes in […]

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Grandma with Belly

Belly Diaries :: To Belly Touch or Not?

Around the end of your second trimester, your belly starts to round out and you start looking pregnant instead of just looking like you ate a large lunch. The growing bump is like a hand magnet. Some will ask to touch and some will just help themselves. Many moms-to-be are super offended by this, with […]

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