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Dispelling Four “Only Child” Myths

I just realized that even though I’m an adult I still tell people that “I’m an only child,” when asked whether or not I have siblings. Besides, the term “only adult” just doesn’t sound right, so for the remainder of this post, I’ll simply refer to us as “onlys.” The following four words are ones […]

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Consider the Other Side

Ah, the Internet, where everyone can say anything. Social media has connected people in new and exciting ways. It now doesn’t matter that I live in Fort Worth; I can still ask 200 mothers of multiples in San Antonio their opinions on separating my twins in school. It isn’t important that you haven’t physically seen […]

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50 shades of grey

Parenting: More than 50 Shades of Grey

When it comes to making decisions, especially important ones, I like for things to be black and white. THIS is the right choice and THAT is the wrong choice. But, when it comes to the world of parenting, it seems like nothing is black and white. Just search “parenting books” on Amazon, and see how many […]

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