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Worried Girl

Five Ways to Help Kids Who Worry

When expecting my daughter, I wondered if she’d inherit my green eyes and creativity. I didn’t think much, however, about the traits I hoped she and I would not share. As luck and genetics would have it, we’re both big worry warts. My heart sinks every time she wrings her hands and bites the inside […]

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Baby drinks from bottle

Postcard to My Weaning Self: Wish You Were Here

Losing that nursing bond feels strangely like mourning, like you’re giving up being her Mommy as your lactation shuts down. You feel betrayed by your breasts, and guilty for taking the vacation, for leaving your daughter behind, and for getting so wrapped up in the move across town. You feel ashamed for not having better […]

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sad kid

My Kid’s a Loser

The way I was trying to support him was trying to turn my son, who clearly lost, into a fake winner for the sake of his feelings. My words were discrediting the hard work and incredible efforts of the other five children who beat him by twisting the facts. I was subconsciously telling him that […]

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