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Broken heart

When Husband Is Jealous (of the Kids)

When you think about it, it makes sense. We fully commit to our children. So much of our energies are given to them — barely having time for ourselves. Where is time for our spouses? I know my husband has to work. He knows I have to take care of the boys. We pretty much […]

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Partners' Fingers Linked

Five Selfless Reasons Your Kids Should See You Date

The number one fear of probably every mother on the planet is the fear of being selfish. And at the same time that we’re avoiding selfishness, we’re faced with the task of self-care. And don’t forget about your spouse or partner with whom you are supposed to maintain and grow a relationship. It’s exhausting trying to […]

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20 Years Married . . . and Counting

Two decades of marriage have taught me a lot, and have also taught me that I have so much to learn. I fully expect that by my 40th anniversary, I’ll look back and laugh at where I am today. In that sense, I look forward to getting older and seeing how far I’ve come on […]

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