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Let Them Be Children

My husband and I were chatting yesterday about our childhoods in comparison to how our kids are growing up. In many regards, I feel like our generation says (smugly), “We are doing this better.” But I spend a lot of time thinking, “I don’t want my kids to grow up this way.” I wrote about […]

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Dear Santa

A Mother's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, As you may know, we have three large baskets that are full of toys, and yet my kids still prefer the Tupperware cabinet. So I’ve come up with some guidelines that could save us both a lot of trouble. If you’re going to bring a gift, please know that my boys will spend […]

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Ready for another?

Ready for Another? When Spouses Don't Agree

How many of you played the 100 questions game when dating? We all remember it – as you progressed through your relationship, the question about how many kids you want pops up. In my experience, you tend to have a number in your mind based on what you think is a good idea (which is […]

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