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Valentine candy

Kids Answer: What Is Love?

Because today is Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to ask our FWMB kids what they think love is. Some answers will make you laugh, some make you say “Awww,” and some make you believe truth really does come from the mouth of babes. Read through, and the ask your kids the same […]

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What to Do if Your Child Needs Plastic Surgery

Disclaimer :: Kirby Plastic Surgery sponsored this post and provided helpful information about ins and outs of pediatric plastic surgery.  Learning that your child needs plastic surgery can prompt a flood of questions about what to expect. While researching the basics on your own can be helpful, it’s never a good idea to fully rely on “Dr. Google,” […]

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Momfession Monday

Momfession Monday: We Started Our Family Too Early

It doesn’t bother me everyday. Mostly, I go on, business as usual, enjoying my children and the stage of life I’m living. Until it happens: a childfree friend posts to social media. A pinterest-perfect picture of her island backdrop vacation. You know, the one where they were sad to leave and actually felt rested when they got home? Only then […]

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Santa Claus

Where, Oh Where Is Santa Claus?

It’s December. Officially Christmas season for those of us who celebrate one holiday at a time. Wink, wink. You’re probably threatening your kids with talking about Santa’s visit later this month and really starting to get in the spirit, which means “The Visit” is front of mind. Dare we attempt it again with our now-one-year-older-toddler […]

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three kids

Three Is a Magic Number?

There is an elephant in my living room. My husband and I agreed to ignore it at least until our daughter’s first birthday, but we both know it’s there. Lurking. Waiting. Until the day comes that we’re ready to decide. Are we going to try for a third child? To say my husband and I have struggled with this question […]

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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Childcare Providers

One of my favorite movies is 500 Days of Summer with the adorable Zooey Deschannel and nerd-hunk Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My favorite scene of the movie is the reality versus expectations scene. It plays out in a split screen: One side plays Tom’s romantic expectations of the rooftop dinner party at Summer’s; the other plays the lonely reality […]

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