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The Postpartum Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Gym

I’ve spent the past three years either belly-first in the cankles and all-day sickness of pregnancy or clawing my way through the sleep-deprived shroud of postpartum land. I could not be less motivated to exercise, unless you count calf raises while shushing my son through the night or lunges to keep him from cramming cat […]

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spin class

I Cried in Spin Class

Yes, you heard me. I cried in spin class. Don’t worry, it wasn’t the messy sob, but the gentle tears of a mom who was tired and needed some time to decompress and press restart. It was like my body was wringing out the day, the week, the month, the year — and it felt […]

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MASHUP workout

Keep Your Fitness in Check this Holiday Season

Disclaimer :: Jamie Zacharias, co-founder of MASHUP, sponsored and created this post providing FWMB readers fitness tips based on her expertise. It’s no coincidence that many people depend on New Year’s resolutions every January to restart their health and fitness goals. The holiday season is usually a time where we allow ourselves to spend less time […]

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Before becoming a first-time mom, I was a marathoner and endurance runner. some folks in my social circle seem to expect that I never stopped. But the truth is my "pre-baby" self is gone, and with her a lot of pre-baby habits and hobbies.

What to Do When Your Bully Is You

This post is part of “Bully No More,” an editorial series hosted by the Fort Worth Moms Blog. Before becoming a first-time mom, I was an endurance runner. Now, I can barely manage a three mile jog, huffing as I push the stroller with one hand and dab spit-up from my daughter’s front with the […]

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Not Body Shaming Is Not Enough

Over the last 20+ years, my body has faced more criticism than a bad football coach in the SEC. Before puberty it was “baby fat.” After puberty it was dark lip hair and an unwanted flat chest. Now, in the months following the birth of my second child, my body shaming has reached epic proportions with words […]

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Mama’s Guide to Whole 30

I knew I needed a change. I had lost and gained the same five pounds at least three times. I was craving carbs, feeling lethargic, and by the end of most days, my knees were hurting. Something had to give. I was desperate to feel better. I had nothing to lose. So I did it. […]

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Adventures in Solids

My husband and I recently decided to start our five-month-old little guy on solid foods — a major (and adventure-filled!) milestone in every baby’s first year. I found it to be a twisted and winding road when it came to navigating information about this topic. The message I got from my pediatrician was different than the perspectives I […]

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