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educate debate

The Best of Both Worlds: University-Model Schools Blend a Private Education with At-Home Teaching

I remember it like it were yesterday. A dear friend and I were walking around the neighborhood, pushing our then-tiny firstborns in their strollers, when the conversation turned to school. The reality of having a school-aged child seemed decades away, and yet we commented that it would be here before we knew it. And you […]

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educate debate

The Great Educate Debate

You can barely believe it. That teeny, tiny bundle of joy–who kept you up at night, who “trashed” your house with toddles and toys, who conquered potty training, who filled your life with indescribable joy and love–is now old enough, or nearly old enough, to claim the title of elementary school student. So. What are you […]

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jack spanish schoolhouse

Spanish Immersion Preschool

My dad is full-blooded Ecuadorian and my mom is full blooded Puerto Rican. You would think I’d know how to speak Spanish. Sadly, I don’t and I don’t blame my parents. I think if you are not immersed in the language and you don’t force yourself to practice, you lose the skill. The advantage I […]

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