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While the threes can be tiring, I wouldn't trade anything for this time ... this boy.

Clear Mind, Better Mama: How I Hope Meditating Will Help Guide Me Through Motherhood

The long and the short of it is that it took me more than three years to get pregnant. Being the eternal optimist, bright-side seeker that I am, I reasoned that it allowed me the experience and the time I needed to develop skills, like patience and consistency, that I knew I would draw on when raising […]

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Saying, "I'm Sorry"

It was a solitary day with no adult interaction and worst of all…no naps. It was a bath time gone awry and there was much water splashing and one tired mommy. It was a little girl in Target who would just not stop running away. It was a mommy struggling with postpartum depression and a two-year […]

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Toddler Tantrum Throwdown

Who said the twos were terrible? Why do they call them the “terrible twos” when in our experience, the moment my son Connor turned 3 he seemed to morph into a toddler fit throwing fiasco. I’m not saying that the twos were easy breezy, but the tides seemed to turn at the age of 3. […]

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Taming Toddler Tantrums: The Seesaw Effect

You know the scene: Cutest little 2-year-old you’ve ever seen transforms into a maniac, rolling on the floor, clenching fists, and sobbing in deep desperation and sorrow because she’s just realized her cup holds milk instead of juice. Or she dropped her book. Or a fly buzzed by. Or the bubble popped before she reached […]

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