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My Birth Plan: A Scheduled C-Section

This post is part of an editorial series, “The Stork Stories,” brought to you by the Fort Worth Moms Blog and Texas Health. We hope these pieces provide you with helpful information, encouragement, and answers as you prepare for baby’s arrival. When I think about my birth story, the main word that pops into my head […]

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Womb to Water: A Local Mom's Water Birth Story

Six months ago, our sweet little #3 made her debut. She arrived from fluid-filled womb into the warmth of a water-filled tub before being lifted into the air, where she gasped and then exercised those little lungs with a cry. As a water birth, hers was a completely different experience than my first two. Though […]

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FWMB Duola pic

Do you Doula?

I was passionate about having a natural childbirth.  Not “let me tell you why EVERY woman MUST have a natural childbirth”, but rather “women for generations have been able to do it, so let’s give it a go and do this thing (if all goes well)” type mentality.  My husband and I spent the better […]

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