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Mom's Last Mother's Day

Why I Don’t Like Mother’s Day

I’m not a fan of most bank holidays–Columbus Day, Washington’s Birthday, the holidays that mean business doesn’t run as usual, but no need to fire up the grill. I also am not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day: highly commercialized, overpriced flowers, and unrealistic expectations. I like LOVE, just not Valentine’s Day. I have nothing against […]

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The Ghost Dolphin in its New Home

My Husband, the Nightmare Ninja

My husband and I have been lucky. We have gone over 3.5 years without a single, major nightmare incident. In fact, the only middle-of-the-night interventions we’ve ever needed since dropping nighttime feedings have been limited to plopping in a pacifier or singing a song during a thunderstorm. Naturally, we have attributed this to our superior […]

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