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dad carrying toddlers outside

28 Lessons from My Father

Although my dad is no longer on this earth, I still like to think of ways to honor him. I’d like to share some of the wisdom he passed on that guides me throughout life, and that I’m passing on to my son.

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Woman Reflects as Time Passes

20 Lessons from 20 Years of Mothering

No matter how much you want to punch the sweet older lady who says, “Oh, enjoy these days,” while your child pitches a fit in the middle of Target – I promise. You will one day BE that older lady, and you won’t even be able to help yourself as this dreaded phrase passes your […]

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monkey with babies

Motherhood 2.0: The Evolution of Mom

The beauty of motherhood is that we didn’t become moms because we had somehow “arrived,” we are moms because we have so much yet to learn. Motherhood refines us, strips us down, roughs us up, and spits us out all shiny, wise, and grey haired.

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Worried Girl

Five Ways to Help Kids Who Worry

When expecting my daughter, I wondered if she’d inherit my green eyes and creativity. I didn’t think much, however, about the traits I hoped she and I would not share. As luck and genetics would have it, we’re both big worry warts. My heart sinks every time she wrings her hands and bites the inside […]

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Playing with Toddler

Picking My Battles: Three Things I Let My Toddler Do

Pick your battles. It’s a cliche, an overused phrase that gets tossed around so much we barely even acknowledge it when someone says it, but it’s so true. It applies to everything: marriage, work, friendships, and most of all, motherhood. Think about it. We have approximately 1,256,878 lessons we’re supposed to teach our children before […]

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downloadgood mom

Such a Good Mom

Recently I have been having a discussion with myself about what makes a good mom. I realize I need to own a truth. Lately, I cringe at the phrase: You are such a good mom. I hear it often, and I say it to others — sounds like a robot at times. Picture this: Moms are […]

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