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Real help for real life

ACH Child and Family Services // Caring for Abandoned and Neglected Children

In 1915, a group of women from churches of various denominations banded together to help the growing number of destitute women in the Fort Worth area. In 1930, this group would change its focus to helping and caring for the abandoned and neglected children of Fort Worth, and thus the All Church Home was born. […]

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Amy Baer family

Adoption: Imagining My Beginning

Unlike most children who grow up thumbing through hospital photos and hearing stories about the day they were born, many adoptees know very little, if anything, about their “beginning.” However, I am one of the lucky ones. I have pieced together bits of information from my adoptive parents, their memories of what my case worker […]

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Babies with nurses inside HC

Families of Hope: Hope Cottage Pregnancy and Adoption Center {Sponsored}

Since 1918, Hope Cottage has been building strong families through education, counseling, and adoption services, making the agency Dallas’ oldest nonprofit, secular adoption agency and one of United Way Metro Dallas’ original seven partner agencies. Hope Cottage sprang from the vision of one woman, Emma Wylie Ballard, who recognized a need to provide care for […]

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Baby and mom

I Love My White Skin

Like it was yesterday, I remember walking out of my childhood home one Saturday morning (after a cartoons fest, no doubt), strolling through the car port, and seeing my teenage sister sprawled out relaxing in a tri-fold plastic lounger in our back yard. Donned in her black bathing suit (“to attract more rays”), she was […]

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Are You My Mother

The Curiosity of a Closed Adoption

A mother bird sat on her egg. The egg jumped. “I must get something for my baby bird to eat,” she said. So away she went. Inside the nest, the egg jumped. It jumped and jumped and jumped. Until . . . out came a baby bird! “Where is my mother,” he said. He did […]

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Longing to Adopt

The summer before my senior year of college, I spent five weeks in Romania serving as an intern with Livada Orphan Care. Livada is a faith-based organization in Allen, Texas with private group homes in Romania. (For some background on the history of orphans in Romania click here or here.) My time there gave me a sneak peak of what […]

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