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black dolls

The WAP: Where Are All the Black Dolls?

When I attended our first adoption education seminar, which is an informational workshop for all perspective adoptive parents, hosted by our adoption agency, I completed a worksheet that asked the question: Have you ever experienced racism? In fact, there was an entire section of the workshop that focused on race issues and adoption.  The questionnaire […]

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birth family

Birth Family Is Family, Too

The FWMB interviewed Amy, mother of three and adoptee, about her decision to pursue a relationship with her birth family. Previously, she shared with us her experience of imagining what her birth story was like, and we are so thrilled to have her back. Why did you decide to pursue your birth family?  When I was […]

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foster care will change

The Adventure of Foster Care

Overlooking my patio is a wooden bird feeder where many birds perch while enjoying the seeds. I like to watch the adult birds teach their young how to use it. Lately, a huge crow visits, scaring all the birds and taking more than his fair share. I can tell he has arrived because the mockingbird […]

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