Passionate About Fort Worth
and the Moms Who Live Here
texas daddies

Deep in the Heart of Texas Daddies

Most of what makes Texans awesome is already well known. It’s not like we’ve been shy about telling everyone. But if you pull away the layers of our story and find the quiet places where our roots meet the earth, you’ll find the reason behind our strength. You will also find out why people shouldn’t […]

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grey hair

My Grey Hair Is Growing on Me

Don’t we all want to be comfortable in our own skin? But doesn’t it feel like such a struggle? I can’t imagine many of us will reach a point where we’re never uncomfortable with some detail about our bodies, but I think we can get closer. As a great start, let’s stop disparaging physical signs […]

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Woman on road

My Broken Road to Motherhood

Almost 10 years passed from the day I started trying to have a baby to the day I brought my first baby home. Ten years of dreaming and planning and praying and crying. Ten years of invasive tests and shattered hopes. I had spent a decade of my life becoming an expert about my own […]

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sick child

Ode to Moms of Seriously Sick Kids

I watched my mom for many years as she led the charge to find the best help for my sister from doctors all around the country. I remember my dad working endlessly to pay for bills that constantly poured in from all kinds of experimental treatments. And I’ll never forget my mom’s struggle as she […]

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