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Curly Hair, Don’t Care

After spending the last year in counseling for postpartum depression, my heart and mind have unraveled in ways that, while painful, have liberated me. I am learning to love myself in all of the undone-ness of being human — it only seems natural that my hair should follow suit. One Google search three months ago […]

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mom holding kids hands

Mothering Mental Illness

I wish I could explain that the old me changed when I realized I might not be able to fix him. When I could no longer deny the possibility that my baby might not be able to live a regular adult life on his own. There is a piece of a mother that dies when […]

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black-and-white woman's eyes

I’ll Never Be in Style Again

Occasionally I scroll through Pinterest or Instagram to see what the cool kids are wearing. And here’s what I am discovering: I will never be one of the cool kids. Maybe I never was. It’s hard to tell. But just beyond the thousands of “I need Jesus and coffee” shirts on Instagram, there is a […]

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Woman Tying Running Shoe

A Mother. A Runner.

When training for a race, I change my eating, sleeping, and training habits for optimum performance. I do my best to make choices with an eye toward what will help me during the race as opposed to what I may want in the moment. Similarly, I try to parent with an eye toward the type […]

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