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When Sex Hurts

Trying to conceal the pain will usually result in you unconsciously withdrawing, which may be perceived as rejection. In the long term, it may lead to withdrawal and stress on the relationship. It is better to be open and honest with your partner and your gynecologist so that you can have the most pleasurable and […]

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Ohhhh, Pelvic Health!

It is vitally important that you exercise ALL of your muscles (including your brain), in order to live a pelvic-healthy life. Your pelvic floor cannot do all of the work it needs to do without support from other muscle groups, and orgasmic sex is a great way to assist with that!

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The Together Project :: Prevention Tips to Protect Your Children from Abuse

The Together Project is a Fort Worth Moms Blog initiative to support local non-profits impacting women and children in North Texas and to mobilize FWMB readers to meet immediate needs. We are honored to partner with Alliance for Children, who work to prevent child abuse in Tarrant County and to assist children who’ve endured abuse. […]

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