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Children Playing

I’m Sorry I Forgot to Play with You

Yes, I have made mistakes — and I am still making them — but my recovery time from those mistakes has improved. I am more confident in my parenting decisions and also more laid back on the little stuff. And as for play, I do play — it just looks different these days. I have […]

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Toddler girl crying

Surviving the Toddler Years

Toddler and tantrums often go hand-in-hand. But, I would suggest that at least 90 percent of the time, tantrums start because the expectations we have of our children are simply too high. We put them in situations they are not equipped to handle and then guess what happens . . . they explode.

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toddler travel hotel phone

Tales of the Traveling Toddler: Why We Brave the Journey

From my perspective, our kiddo is pretty well traveled for a 19-month-old. We’re not talking jetting to Japan or jaunting to Jarkata, but he has been in more planes, trains, and automobiles around the United States than most his age. And that’s by choice. Yes, there are MANY challenges that come with traveling with a […]

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