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picking out a red pepper

Why You Need a Meal Plan

While I didn’t invent the meal plan, the idea greatly improved the efficiency of my home management. I was, however, worried about how well I would be able to stick with it. I like a little flexibility and don’t want to be limited by a piece of paper.

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We Ditched Media Last Summer, and My Kids Didn’t Die

Within a few days, my kids were offering to help with dinner, condescending to their younger sibs to play their favorite game or read a book aloud. They were organizing themselves, cooperating, and genuinely loving each other better. These were the kind of people with whom I wanted to spend the summer. Without even the […]

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Blue Eyed Toddler

How to Co-Sleep with Your Older Baby

Protect your face. It is singular that no one has yet to invent a face shield for co-sleeping parents. It would need to be clear, of course, so you can see your innocent offspring nestled so close, and yet durable so you don’t have to explain a black eye. Until this product is available, you […]

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