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Mother and Son

The One Key Concept to Know About Healthy Attachment

Our children “serve” us a message verbally or nonverbally (e.g. I’m hungry, I’m happy and want to play, I’m bored, or I’m angry) and we “return” it with our response (e.g. feeding, playing, changing activities, or comforting). Sometimes our responses are right on — score! We get the message, read it accurately, and lob it back with […]

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untreated trauma in parents

The Hidden Effects of Untreated Trauma in Parents

Trauma can change our brains. It can change how we see the world and how we perceive danger. It can also shift how our emotions work and how we manage them. And it can certainly change the way we think: about people, about ourselves, and about relationships. These changes often seep into the way we parent. And most […]

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