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In my mom's lap, 1978

The Woman I Want You to Know

My mom wasn’t perfect, and neither am I. And though I’m different from her in some ways, much of the mothering I do is layered with her influence. Looking forward, I hope that someday I see my children parenting in ways that improve upon what they learned from me.

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Welcome to My Day: Big Family Style

6:07 p.m. — Finally, dinner is made, all eight of us are around the table, dogs waiting expectantly under the table for the five year old to drop something. Dinner Thankfuls are shared. Kids declare the meal delicious, which reminds me to be thankful that my kids eat pretty much everything I make without complaint.

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Different Kids, Different Plans

I have six children. I know, I know, crazy, right? And each of these characters that lives in my house is so very different from the others. I’ve got a couple of gifted artists, one with a nearly photographic memory, a singer, a couple of nervous types, and a couple that have probably never worried […]

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Habit-Forming Thankfulness for Every Day

“Mom, I can’t decide if I’m more thankful for my family or this brownie.” “Well, I’m mainly thankful for Benedict Cumberbatch.” “I’m thankful I didn’t fail my chemistry exam this week.” “Pasta. No, rice! Okay, both.” “Guys, I’m really, really thankful that the Seahawks won!!” That’s a smattering of what you might hear on a […]

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