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married man like my father

A Man Just like My Father: The Father of My Children

I wasn’t the girl who dreamed about her wedding, a knight-in-shining-armor, or some sort of white-picket-fence domesticity. Most of the time I was more absorbed in hanging out with my friends, building forts, creating and writing columns for fake newspapers, or catching tiny frogs and lightning bugs in jars. But I do remember consistently thinking I […]

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grey hair

My Grey Hair Is Growing on Me

Don’t we all want to be comfortable in our own skin? But doesn’t it feel like such a struggle? I can’t imagine many of us will reach a point where we’re never uncomfortable with some detail about our bodies, but I think we can get closer. As a great start, let’s stop disparaging physical signs […]

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siblings, kids

Raising My Bookends

What sweetness to have my first baby sitting in the room with me while I labored to deliver my last! She chatted with my mom, sisters, and friends, while nervously checking on me. When our last baby was finally born, she held him so tenderly. This young teenager meeting her newborn brother was a moment […]

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20 Years Married . . . and Counting

Two decades of marriage have taught me a lot, and have also taught me that I have so much to learn. I fully expect that by my 40th anniversary, I’ll look back and laugh at where I am today. In that sense, I look forward to getting older and seeing how far I’ve come on […]

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