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race-conscious kids

Raising Race-Conscious Kids

If your kids are young like mine, they may have never mentioned race. They choose playmates without regard to skin color. They have no prejudices, no biases. But our kids are not colorblind. They do notice differences. So we need to give them the words to talk about race and the freedom to have the […]

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Woman on road

My Broken Road to Motherhood

Almost 10 years passed from the day I started trying to have a baby to the day I brought my first baby home. Ten years of dreaming and planning and praying and crying. Ten years of invasive tests and shattered hopes. I had spent a decade of my life becoming an expert about my own […]

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Julie Mother's Day

Your Guide to Mom Phrases

Moms know pretty much everything, and they spend decades imparting their wisdom and instruction. And because kids are not always excellent listeners, moms often say the same things over and over. And this is how my wonderful mother came to be known for her famous phrases.

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black-and-white woman's eyes

I’ll Never Be in Style Again

Occasionally I scroll through Pinterest or Instagram to see what the cool kids are wearing. And here’s what I am discovering: I will never be one of the cool kids. Maybe I never was. It’s hard to tell. But just beyond the thousands of “I need Jesus and coffee” shirts on Instagram, there is a […]

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Mother and Daughter

The Upside of Being an Old Mom

I am super comfortable in my own mothering style. I don’t parent like my mother did. I don’t parent like my friends did. Some days I don’t parent like I decided I would yesterday. But I know that I am a more patient, loving mother in my 40s than I would have been in previous […]

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