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what to do when the power's out in a power outage

Power’s Out! How to Prep for a Power Outage

We live in Texas, which means heat and thunderstorms, right? Well, thanks to rolling blackouts caused by high temperatures and the lightning that usually come with storms, that means we are prime targets for the occasional power outage. Last summer, we had two outages in our neighborhood (one lasting 12 hours . . . yep, 12 hours without AC in August!). […]

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Three Ways to Simplify a Birthday Party

Happy Birthday! Do you remember when a kid’s birthday party used to consist of cake, opening presents, playing in the backyard, and hot dogs? I do, but in the last few years, they’ve morphed into events that rival weddings. Somehow every year you’re expected to host an event that entertains the children, impresses the parents, and […]

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little girl

Forever Young: An Ode to My Not So Baby Girl

Recently, I came across the lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young.” I’m a visual learner; although I’ve heard the song many times, I’ve never actually taken in the words. Once I read something, that’s when it sinks in, and, man, did these lyrics sink in. (Read them here.) I think those lyrics really hit me because in […]

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Summer Magic: An Unexpected Mom Perk

Motherhood has a lot of perks, but here’s one I didn’t see coming: summer is magical again. As a true lover of sunshine, baseball, lightning bugs (translation: fireflies), and drive-in movie theaters, I’ve always been a summer enthusiast. But, as adulthood took its hold, I started griping more and more about the heat and seeing […]

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The Great Debate: Should I Give Up Social Media?

Should I give up Facebook and Instagram? It’s something I’ve been seriously considering for a while, and I’m on the brink of doing just that. Like most Millennial moms, I joined both social platforms early on, but my life has changed dramatically since those first days of membership, and my time is much more valuable […]

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