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10 Years Married :: 10 Years Tired

Throughout the first few years of marriage, the mister and I daydreamed about recreating our honeymoon trip when it came time for the 10-year anniversary. “When we celebrate our tenth, we’ll head back to Maui.” You know, by that point, we will be more “settled” with a couple of kids, more financially stable . . […]

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Blood on the Couch, Cramps in the Bed

She’d lay old, white bed linens on the couch — layers of them — and lay down because she was bleeding so heavy no pad or tampon could contain it. The sheets and her clothes would be stained with blood when she got up. When that particular bleeding “episode” eased, she’d get up and put […]

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Food Allergy Moms

School & Food Allergies :: Questions to Ask

For food allergy families, navigating school — whether for toddlers or elementary and beyond — is very much a big part of school choice and school preparation. It is an extra layer to consider and, quite frankly, does require initiative and involvement above and beyond the more common school experience. So where do you start, […]

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