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Deep in the Heart of Texas Daddies

Most of what makes Texans awesome is already well known. It’s not like we’ve been shy about telling everyone. But if you pull away the layers of our story and find the quiet places where our roots meet the earth, you’ll find the reason behind our strength. You will also find out why people shouldn’t […]

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That Time I Quit Facebook

I needed space. Maybe I wanted to see other social media. I never said we were exclusive, and Facebook was always making me feel bad about my existence and humanity as a whole. I needed to find myself. It’s not you, Mark. It’s me.

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Mothering Mental Illness

I wish I could explain that the old me changed when I realized I might not be able to fix him. When I could no longer deny the possibility that my baby might not be able to live a regular adult life on his own. There is a piece of a mother that dies when […]

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