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Six Ways to Channel Your Inner Child

Ah, the wonders of childhood. Ever wish you could be a kid again and forget about life for just a minute? Well, if you do, this guide is for you. Children are a perfect example of how to live a carefree and enjoyable life.

One day, I was strolling through the grocery aisles, thinking of food I could buy that required no preparation. I found myself in the cereal aisle reaching for the ol’ reliable Honey Bunches of Oats. Internally, I sighed. Yes, I love this cereal, but it just seemed so routine. I looked at all the brightly colored boxes to my right. It was like I forgot all other cereals had existed up until that moment. Suddenly, it was like I was transported back to childhood. I couldn’t remember — was Cap’n Crunch my favorite? Or was it Honeycomb? It was because of this instance I thought: How else can I have a little escape back to childhood every now and again?

I started listing all the things I loved as a kid, and I’m here to share those with you.

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1. Color, Color, Color

Although coloring may seem juvenile, adult coloring books have exploded in the past few years. Coloring is a great way to achieve mindfulness and unplug from phone screens. Also, certain colors exhibit mood-altering vibes to further calm your nerves. Your local grocery or book store will have plenty of adult coloring books to choose from. If you want to go straight to the experts in coloring, Crayola also has a subsection of coloring books specifically for adults. Try picking up one that has complex patterns. Focusing your attention on keeping within the lines will provide further distraction from the woes of life.

2. Jump on It

Trampolines aren’t just fun; they’re also good exercise. Let’s face it. Adulthood isn’t too kind on knee or ankle joints. Trampolines are an awesome way to get a workout without the feeling that you’re working out. Invest in a mini trampoline for a maximized workout or a giant one for the backyard for maximized fun. If you’re looking to have even MORE fun, turn on the sprinkler underneath, call out the kids and crank up Backstreet Boys on the radio.

3. Feng Shui Away

Growing up in the ’90s was a strange time. Why JNCO jeans and chunky blonde highlights were a thing is beyond me. Even the blow-up chairs all the tween girls owned was weird. Despite some abnormalities, the ’90s had one thing going for it: bean bag chairs. Don’t want to sit on the floor, but also don’t want to sit on the sofa? Bean bag chair. Want to be somewhat eye level with the TV and destroy your retinas? Bean bag chair. Since entering the new millennium, brands like LoveSac, Sumo Lounge, and ComfySAK have all embraced that comfy piece of furniture and revamped it. Some offer bean bags to seat up to eight people! Amazon also offers similar products if you’re looking for a bargain. Curl up with a book or a blanket and get comfy.

4. Toon Time

Along with enjoying a big bowl of cereal, cartoons were always a part of the Saturday morning equation. Whether you’re into old school toons like Tom and Jerry or find yourself actually liking Spongebob, there is a cartoon out there for everyone. My son is still a baby, so 90 percent of the time I’m “watching” TV, it’s a show or movie he wants to watch. We’ve both reached a compromise on Adventure Time. The bright colors keep him entertained, and the plot makes me laugh. Try finding a show you and your kids can enjoy. And once you’ve reached a compromise, plop yourselves on your big bean bag chair and eat cereal, and you’ve got a perfect opportunity for some bonding time.

5. Look Through a Different Lens

A shift in perspective may not be enough to truly escape the monotony of everyday life. One thing I really valued as a kid was kaleidoscopes. Looking at the world from a literal different perspective is not only fun, but also intriguing. It’s almost impossible to withhold a sense of child-like wonder seeing the landscape transform into a rainbow of patterns and shapes. A quick Google search will land you upon websites such as Etsy, filled with intricate pieces that are very different from the standard paper kaleidoscopes I grew up with. Some are actually pieces of art, complete with handmade elements such as copper, wood, and glass.  

6. Game On

Finally, I couldn’t complete this article without an ode to games of all kind. Whether your kid has an Xbox or you have a board game that’s been shelved for years or an old handheld gaming system lying around, games are an essential part of life. Never played a video game in your life? Try it out! I’m not a big gamer, but I’ve definitely had times when I’m shouting at my Tekken character to dismantle my opponent. For Christmas last year, I got a Nintendo 3DS and a few games. I had planned on taking it to the hospital during labor (haha) but that didn’t quite work out. If none of these options sounds like your speed, take a trip out to Free Play Arcade or The Cidercade. Both have classic arcade games and booze to fulfill that itch you’ve been having to throw down on some pinball. 

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