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Favorite Things 2017 :: Prize Package Giveaway

Favorite Things
A lot of brands make their way to our inbox, across our desks, and into our hands here at the Fort Worth Moms Blog. We are always on the hunt for products and services that make mom-life easier or champion the role of motherhood. It’s fair to say that some we love, some are “eh,” and some are “no, thank you.” However, we do have our FAVORITES, which we rave about amongst the staff on a regular basis.
So, we got to thinking . . . WHY AREN’T WE SHARING THESE WITH OUR READERS MORE? And that’s how it happened: the gathering and discussing about our real-deal, truth be told for sure favorites from 2017. These brands listed below have absolutely not sponsored this blog post. This collection of brands is as organic as can be. These are our honest favorites we now use in our homes, for our families, and share with our friends (like YOU).
Oh, and did we mention that we are over-the-moon thrilled to host a GIVEAWAY featuring many of these brands???? The prize package — totaling $656 — includes: 

One Fort Worth Moms Blog reader will win this entire prize package!!! The entry form is at the end of this post complete with all the details and deadlines.

Without further ado, here is The FWMB’s top 15 favorite brands and products for 2017 . . . . 

Cowtown Republic

Cowtown Republic

Big fans of the Cowtown Republic brand! These comfortable t-shirts for the entire family are a big hit with many of our team members. The design and color options are stylish in that “goes with everything,” slightly distressed way. Did we mention they wash and wear well? We can’t think of a better way to show some local pride and support a similarly-minded small business.

Erin Condren

erin condren

Everyone loves Erin Condren for its calendars / day planners. You’ll for sure see a fair share of FWMB staff stuffing those in our totes. However, this year, we are raving out the Erin Condren spiral-bound notebooks. The metal spiral ring is mega sturdy, while the plastic front and back covers make this notebook practically indestructible. It’s a breath of fresh air to jot down lists and meeting notes and school reminders in a notebook that will hang with ya for months.



Yeah, we wrote an entire blog post about this new-to-North-Texas brand, and here we are again trying our darnedest to convince you that Evereve is worth a visit and a try on. This women’s clothing company caters to moms with on-trend pieces that work with all types of “mom bods.” The clothes are beautiful yet practical and hit a wide range in price point. Did we mention they have an impressive play area for the kiddos and have trained staff to help you and your children in tow? Trust us . . . give it a go and check out Evereve in its brand new location in the Shops at Clearfork.

Fresh Wave Works

Fresh Wave Works

Do you know what you will always find in FWMB owner’s Emily Y’s office . . . and nursery . . . and laundry room? Fresh Wave Works, that’s what. This sent-from-heaven product removes odors — really, we are telling the truth –in minutes. The gel containers, packets, and spray are all topping this Favorite Things list because they do what they promise, and they are a natural product made of water and plant oils. It’s non-toxic, non-GMO, and non-hazardous. We only have one other thing to say: You’re welcome. 

Fuzzy Hippo Shop

Fuzzy Hippo Shop

When a friend received a gift from the Fuzzy Hippo Shop’s Texas collection, we knew immediately this was a brand to swoon over. From the prints to the note cards to the calendars, we will take a dozen of them all! 

Hurley House

hurley house

Sure, Hurley House has sweet treats (hello, cinnamon rolls) and these melt-in-your-mouth scones and sparkle cookies, but do you know what landed this Fort Worth brand on our list? Pimento cheese. You read that right: pimento cheese. This culinary goddess is not of the church potluck variety. No, this is the best pimento cheese that ever existed, redeeming all its reputation of 1980s baby shower staples. Get your keys and head right to the drive thru at Hurley House, tell ’em Fort Worth Moms Blog sent ya, and they’ll already have the pimento cheese ready for ya.

Kate Somerville

kate somerville

How many products are on the shelves and crowding your Facebook feed claiming to impact those laugh lines on your forehead . . . lips, eyes, you get the idea? Imagine our relief when we discovered Wrinkle Warrior by Kate Somerville this year. We tried it, and then, it worked. Not one, not two, but several of our FWMB staff reported visible differences in their skin (and are now die-hard Kate Somerville fans, by the way). Beg Santa to put this in your stocking!

Kwik Stix

kwik stix

Last year, cries of joy were heard throughout our ranks when Kwik Stix hit our desk. Let’s clearly explain: Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint in sticks like glue sticks. Simply uncap, twist, and paint. It dries in 90 seconds. Two words: No mess. We’ll let that sink in for a second. Your kiddos want to paint? Say YES with Kwik Stix and now the newly released Thin Stix, the same great idea with a slimmer application. The 6 packs of Kwik Stix are also available at Walgreens.

Legacy Pediatric Dental

legacy dentistry

You cannot discount the immense value of finding a dental practice that values all the right things — not only your children’s oral health, but also their overall well-being. The staff immediately, dare we say it in hopes of not being too cliche, makes you feel like you’re at home. Professional and personable, expressing interest in your family life, creating a welcoming and calm environment. Legacy Dentistry is our favorite for all these reasons and more!

Life in Design

Life in Design Photography

Local mom and boss lady Christina White owns and operates Life in Design Photography for families across the metroplex — including several on the FWMB team. She’s also been the expert behind the camera for many FWMB events and our most recent photo shoot. Her prices are reasonable and her work is excellent — and she is really, really nice. We’re fans!

Mother Rucker's

Mother Rucker's

Not only did Mother Rucker’s make the Favorite Things list, but it also is the local brand we are taking with us to the City Moms Blog conference in January 2018. We are sharing the yummy goodness of lemon cookie brittle with ALL the other CMBN sites. Mother Rucker’s goodies are the perfect treat to share with friends, teachers, and out-of-town guests all the while supporting a local Arlington business. And hey, MOTHER Rucker’s is totally a brand Fort Worth MOMS Blog supports if for nothing else but motherhood solidarity. #inthistogether

Mox Shoes

mox shoes

Another brand we could not stop gushing over is Mox Shoes, as you will note in our most passionate product review blog post to date, “10 Reasons This Mom Loves Mox Shoes.” When we talk about Mox Shoes in the office, it is more like “how many colors do you own,” not “have you bought any Mox yet?” These shoes are the mother of all shoes: comfortable like you cannot imagine (absolutely no digging into your skin), indestructible of a super hero nature, the easiest-to-clean shoe ever, and look just darling. Buy them, and send us chocolate as a thank you gift.

Mrs. Renfro's

Mrs. Renfro's

Controversy is not our normal game, but we realize deeming a salsa a “favorite,” in this neck of the woods, could be fighting words. Yet, here we are risking everything to sing the praises of Mrs. Renfro’s. The truth is you cannot go wrong with any of Mrs. Renfro’s options, but the one on our list is her black bean salsa. Why do we love it so? It’s a crowd pleaser. Whether you like spicy or mild, tangy or sweet, the black bean salsa pleases everyone . . . because it is so darn good. We’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t like it after we served it up. Pair it with your favorite chip, and it’s the perfect snack (or meal . . . just saying). Warning: it is very addictive. #themoreyouknow

Simply Soothing

Simply Soothing
Three words: natural mosquito repellant. Thanks to living in a locale where mosquitoes are active 11 months out of the year, this all-natural mosquito spray, Bug Soother, is a permanent resident in the diaper bag, backpack, purse, car, patio . . . . We spray it liberally and often! Simply Soothing also makes dozens of other great home, bath, and body products.

The Happy Lark

The Happy Lark

If you visit The Happy Lark play space, the chances are extremely high you will run into someone from the FWMB. In fact, we challenge you to announce upon entering the play area: Will the FWMB team members please identify yourselves? We love The Happy Lark for heaps of reasons: Owned by two fierce mom boss ladies. The play space (duh). Free coffee. The curated shop of modern clothes and tech-free toys. The special events. The birthday parties. The memories we’ve made there chatting with friends and laughing with our kids. 

Enter below to WIN the “Favorite Things” prize pack — valued at $656! There are multiple ways to enter. The contest is open until December 4, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. The winner will be contacted via email on December 5, 2017  via the email address you provide when you enter, SO BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK THAT YOU ENTERED YOUR EMAIL CORRECTLY. (We’d hate you to miss out because of a spelling error!) Good luck, friends! And happy Favorite Things!

2017 FWMB "Favorite Things" Prize Package

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