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Short Hair, Don’t Care: Five Reasons Why Short Hair ROCKS

Short Hair

Short Hair Cut/Color by:: Lauren Karnes

A loooooong time ago, I remember sitting in the cafeteria with some gal pals during lunch in between our college freshman classes. We chit chatted about the creepy guy that would hang around our all-women’s dorm, complained about all of the homework piled on us (college . . . ugh), and talked about old high school acquaintances who were having babies. “Babies. WOW! Can you even imagine being a mom?!” (*HAR HAR HAR*)

One thing led to another and we began talking about how all of the people we knew who became moms cut off their hair soon after giving birth. What was up with that?! We went through countless MySpace accounts of gals who became moms and then cut off their hair. Don’t get me wrong; these mamas looked GREAT with short hair. It was just a trend we noticed. We then talked about how we would not be “one of those moms.” We would keep our loooonnngggg free flowing locks.

Now, here I am . . . 11-ish years later . . . with a baby napping in the other room . . . and super *short-to-me* hair. In fact, I chopped more than 10 inches off very soon after giving birth. 

“Goodbye, free flowing locks. I’m SO DONE WITH YOU!”

I can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy of this past version of myself. What was I thinking back then? Simply put, short hair is amazing. And now, without further ado, here are FIVE reasons why I absolutely love short hair. 

1. It saves time. Washing my hair, blow drying my hair, curling my hair, letting my hair air dry . . . everything takes half the time! As mamas, we know how big of a deal it is to save even just a minute of time on anything. 

2. It’s lighter. I couldn’t believe how light my hair felt after getting it cut short. The lighter hair felt SO much better in the Texas heat! 

3. It saves some money. I am able to go a little longer in between hair cuts with short hair. Now that we’re living on one income, every dollar seriously counts! 

4. It’s refreshing. Sometimes a change is refreshing. Going from long hair to short hair may not seem like a big deal to most, but it was to me . . . and it felt SO good after getting it cut. I felt like a new me! 

5. Last, but not least . . . it grows back! I looooved having long hair and yes, there are times where I miss my long locks. At this season in life though, short hair fits better with everything going on (a.k.a. raising a toddler). If you’re thinking of going for it and joining the short hair, don’t care club, keep in mind that it will not last forever (unless you want it to). It will grow back. 

What do you love about your hair (short or long)?

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2 Responses to Short Hair, Don’t Care: Five Reasons Why Short Hair ROCKS

  1. Jane September 2, 2017 at 6:27 pm #

    I cut my hair a few months ago and it was a very hard decision but no regrets! I can’t believe how much time I now save getting ready with short hair. Like you said, it can always grow back.

  2. Monika
    Monika September 3, 2017 at 6:47 pm #

    Love this! Especially your Myspace reference. Hahaha!

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