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Around Cowtown: Ice Cream Edition

ice cream around cowtown fort worth tarrant countyFortunately, in Tarrant County, ice cream is not limited to the summertime. And, even more fortunate, Fort Worth is home to several locally-produced, amazing ice cream shops that make for a fun and tasty outing. Taking the family to dinner quickly becomes expensive, and, depending on the age of your child or children, sitting still in a chair for a prolonged time is next to impossible. Ice cream outings allow you to get out of the house, be messy, and savor the richness of life (at least this how I justify it!). Here’s some excellent choices for your next ice cream adventure:

  • Melt Ice Creams is well-known for its bright yellow and black-and-white-stripe building on Magnolia, capitalizing on its fantastic location and its locally-sourced partnerships. From area bakeries to breweries, chocolatiers to coffee roasters, Melt incorporates interesting flavors in its monthly offerings. If your child is not so adventurous, don’t worry – the chocolate and vanilla flavors are delicious. And, there are vegan options each month, too.
  • Gypsy Scoops has both a mobile option and a storefront location to taste its delectable (16!) flavors. The ice cream parlor on Race Street is a great space for families complete with plenty of seating, board games, and nostalgic candy. The mobile catering trunk is perfect for a school or birthday event. The portion sizes are generous so you may have the opportunity to sample some of your children’s ice cream, too!
  • Curly’s Frozen Custard on Camp Bowie has been around for 15 years, serving four flavors of frozen custard, topped with the candy and fruit toppings of your choice. While there is not much seating (and all outdoor), Curly’s also has a mobile option for events, parties, and fundraisers. Plus, Curly’s sells some non-sweet treats if you need something a little more substantial.
  • Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream sells its Plano-based ice cream to several Fort Worth establishments, including The Bull Ring in the Stockyards.
  • Blue Bell is always a winner, and you can sit down and have a scoop at The General Store in the Stockyards or Pop-N-Cream near West 7th, or put some in the middle of two scrumptious cookies at Sweet Sammies.
  • Braum’s is a five-state franchise with multiple stores in the Fort Worth area. It serves fast food and has a fresh market, and Braum’s ice cream is second to none. You can eat it in the store or take home a half gallon or enjoy it in their many sundae and milkshake offerings.
  • Steel City Pops on West 7th may not exactly have ice-cream, but creamy popsicles are close, right? It has an ever rotating cast of flavors, so there is always something new for every palate. 
  • Bahama Bucks on West 7th is one step up from your neighborhood snow cone stand. Amp up your dessert even more with a scoop of ice cream in the middle and marshmallow fluff on top!
  • Spiral Diner serves up ice cream like no other — vegan ice cream, that is. And, it doesn’t taste like pure coconut or rice. If you are ever on Magnolia, be sure to pop in for a scoop.
  • Mad Mike’s Ice Cream caters to both adventurous and picky eaters — it serves both classic and unique ice creams. Perfect for the whole family!
  • Lumi Snow Company’s take on ice cream is inspired by Taiwanese shaved snow. Even if your little ones are picky eaters, it’s only the texture that’s different — still lots of yummy classic flavors. 
  • Iceland Ice Cream shop will make your Instagram dreams come true. Hop on the rolled ice cream train and get a trendy picture and treat all in one. 
  • Helados Handcrafted Ice Cream and Pops makes unique desserts. Ice cream may be the main event, but if something savory more suits your palate, try some delicious elotes. 
  • Milwaukee Joe’s Gourmet Ice Cream bases its unique concoctions in traditional ice cream flavors. Try its Dr. Pepper ice cream or Disco Lives! — it tastes like Fruity Pebbles!
  • Pokey O’s is the perfect indulgence for any ice cream lover. Be sure to check out its website before you go though — this restaurant’s got wheels!
  • Hey Sugar Candy Store is perfect if you have anyone in your family that doesn’t like ice cream (but how could that be?). In addition to a full ice cream bar, this store boasts a whole host of other sweet treats. 

Of course, Fort Worth is also home to other regional and national chains of frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream, and popsicles, so opportunities abound to indulge your sweet tooth the next time you and your crew are screaming for ice cream.

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