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10 Reasons This Mom Loves Mox Shoes

Disclaimer :: Mox Shoes sponsored this blog post, but, boy howdy, are these opinions all my own. Mox Shoe lover for life right here.

My love affair with Mox Shoes started last year. Thanks to a discount code and promotion through City Moms Blog Network a pair of navy blue Mox Shoes landed in my closet. They have since spent very little time there . . . because they are always on my feet!

I know, I know, what in the world could be so great about these shoes that I’d jump on the bandwagon to craft a blog post entirely about shoes? I’m so glad you asked. As a public service to all moms everywhere, please allow me to present the 10 reasons I love Mox Shoes (and stay with me, a discount code for you is on the way):

Mox Shoes 2017

  1. Comfort. Remember the jellies of our youth? Slicing and dicing into your heels and tops of your feet? You had to “break ’em in” with the help of a few blisters and bandaids. While Mox Shoes are a ballet flat/jelly combo, they are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoe I’ve ever put on my feet. Somehow, some way there is no slicing and dicing. The edges of the shoes do not rub your foot. The shoes are flexible and feel like you are wearing those barefoot running shoes. I am not exaggerating. So comfortable. Friends, I wore my platinum Mox pair to Mayfest. I mean, do I have to say any more than that? I wore them for HOURS walking around Mayfest with nary a blister. Case and point.
  2. Cool. Not only are Mox Shoes cool from a fashionable standpoint, but they are also a great warm-weather shoe because they keep your feet cool! Hello, breeze. With our warm temps nearly nine months out of the year, these summer shoes turn into an all-year staple. If your footsies need a breeze, but you also want to avoid open-toed shoes/sandals, Mox is the perfect solution.
  3. Hide sins. Beautifully pedicured piggies are not always possible for me, so a summer shoe that allows for a breeze (see above) but hides my partially polished toes is a win win win in my book. See? You want these shoes now. A discount code is on its way. Keep reading.
  4. Versatile. Mox Shoes are versatile for various seasons as stated above. And Mox Shoes are versatile for all types of activities. I wear mine in the office, on play dates, to the park, grocery shopping, on date nights. Mox Shoes are versatile with many outfits: dresses, shorts, jeans, and bathing suits, which leads me to my next point . . . 
  5. Mox Shoes in the poolWater. You can wear these beauties in the water — and you will still look cute. Watching kiddos at the pool, splashing around in the backyard, hanging out at the water park? Take your Mox Shoes! They can get wet all day long and look no worse for the wear. I wouldn’t recommend swimming in them, but, heck yes, you can wade and herd kids in these jewels.
  6. Kid proof. My two year old likes to sneak into my closet to try on a pair (or 20) of my shoes. While I think it is cute and endearing, I admit I sometimes worry about broken heels and well, broken bones from a catwalk tumble. However, my little one can wear mom’s Moxes (did I just create a new word here?) all day long without scratch to wood floor or her head. 
  7. Clean easy. Along those lines, if the wee one spills something during her dress up foray or the shoes gets messy from my own wear, they clean up like a champ? Just run those babies under the sink with some soap and you are done. Like new. Every time. 
  8. Pack ’em. For all of the reasons mentioned above, Mox Shoes are the PERFECT vacation shoe. They pack well because they are pliable. No bags. No praying the heel doesn’t snap or scratch in baggage claim. 
  9. Colors! Check out the Mox Shoes website to see all the color offerings. It’s like a rainbow of shoes. I have the platinum and blueberry shades, and grape is on my radar. This is one shoe you totally want in multiple colors.
  10. Affordable. Have I convinced you yet? Mox Shoes are not going to break the bank. At $39.99, the shoes — which get use after use after use — are so well worth it. But, guess what, if you purchase your pair (or pairs, who are we kidding?) by June 12, 2017, you can use the FWMB discount code!!!!

platinum Mox ShoesThat’s right, readers of the Fort Worth Moms Blog get an exclusive discount count for 10% off your entire purchase. Use code FW10 on or before June 30 by visiting Mox Shoes website.


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