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5 Reasons to Attend Bloom 2017

Bloom 2017 Cook Children'sStill on the fence about attending Bloom :: An Event for New & Expecting Moms??? This is an event for pregnant moms and/or moms who are currently parenting children two years and under. (Foster and adoptive moms are welcome too!) The afternoon will focus on information, resources, products, and more that target the pregnancy and delivery stage of parenting through the first two years. This event, held in partnership with Cook Children’s, will provide a few hours of pampering, light snacks, educational resources, giveaways and swag, shopping, and connecting moms and families with relevant local resources for this season of life.

Y’all, it’s going to be FUN. If you need convincing . . . let me tell you FIVE reasons to attend:

1. Vendors :: Shops and resources from all over Tarrant County will be in attendance in our vendor section. Sure, the Bloom attendance will be 100+, but that still gives ample space and time to really ask questions and get to know these locals whose life’s mission is to serve mamas in your season of life. For example, we are SUPER excited about the “Ask a Doc” station. Yes, that’s right, Dr. Justin Smith, a local Cook Children’s pediatrician, will be on site ready and waiting to answer ANY question you have. To see a complete list of Bloom vendors, please visit Bloom 2017 :: Panelists, Presenters, Vendors, Giveaways, & Swag. 
2. Panelists :: During Bloom, attendees will enjoy two panel discussions stacked with local experts.  The first set, at 2:30 p.m., will be focusing on topics related to pregnancy and delivery. To wrap up Bloom, at 4:30 p.m., we will have our panelists focus on parenting children aged 0-2. You can check out the lineup and panelists’ bios again by visiting Bloom 2017 :: Panelists, Presenters, Vendors, Giveaways, & Swag.
3. Workshops :: We have SIX different workshops lined up all staffed by local gurus in that field. You can learn how your baby is actually super smart, the things you need to know postpartum, and even when you really need to see your pediatrician. Not only are these a great learning opportunity, but also a chance to chat one-on-one with experts in gynecology, nutrition, pediatric, sleep, and more. For a complete description of workshop offering, yep, you guessed it, visit Bloom 2017 :: Panelists, Presenters, Vendors, Giveaways, & Swag.
4. Swag & Giveaway :: Currently, the giveaway total for retail value is $1,076. So, yeah, we have a few good giveaways. And the swag bags — which tickets for these are almost sold out, by the way — will be STUFFED FULL. It wouldn’t be a FWMB event without swag bags and giveaways! You can check out the Bloom 2017 giveaway and swag sponsors at Bloom 2017 :: Panelists, Presenters, Vendors, Giveaways, & Swag
5. Friends & Community :: While I know seeing the crazy FWMB lady isn’t exactly a draw (although I will be there), meeting other moms who are living in the exact same stage as you . . . now that is oh-so-worth something. There will be plenty of chances to make a new friend, to nod and say “me too, I know what you mean.” Fort Worth Moms Blog is ALL ABOUT providing opportunities for those connections to be made with one another and with our community. 
Oh, there will also be food and valet parking! Did I mention that? Come spend the day with us at Bloom and focus on this wonderful season of life. To get your tickets, register here: Bloom :: An Event for New & Expecting Moms 

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