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Dear All Moms . . . STOP BRAGGING!

Did that title get your attention? Good, because I have something to say to all of us moms. Yes . . . I’m including myself because I’m guilty too.


I’ve noticed that a lot of us brag on our kids at really inappropriate times.

I know that it’s not something that is intentional. I’m just putting it out there so we can work on making a conscious effort NOT to do this.

I get wanting to brag on your kids. I want to brag on mine all the time, too, but there’s a time and place to do it.

If you’re saying: What?! There’s NOT a good time to brag on my kid?! Let me give you an example. 

When my baby went through his 10-month sleep regression, I was desperate for advice on how to get through it. Even just a ‘that-a-girl’ would have been great. I was so tired. I was running on maybe two hours of sleep every 24 hours. I was desperate for any and all advice on ways to make it through. When I reached out to some mama’s for advice, this is what I got:

“That sucks. My baby sleeps 12 hours a night, and still takes three-hour naps a day!”

“My baby sleeps like a champ!”

“Aw, I’m sorry. My baby is an amazing sleeper! I’m so proud of her!”

So many moms gave similar responses to the ones above. Out of everyone I spoke with, only a couple girls gave sound advice, provided some resources, and encouragement.

It was very disappointing and a major eye opener for me. When a mother who is struggling reaches out for encouragement, advice, and/or help . . . that is NOT the time to brag on your kid.

That is the time to set yourself aside and encourage the struggling mother. That is the time to give your best advice if you went through something similar. That is the time to provide resources that could HELP that mother. That is the time to reach out and give help if needed. That is the time to ENCOURAGE that mother. Let her know that she is not alone. Let her know that she will get through this struggle.

Mama friends, we are in this together.

So, please, please, please . . . I beg you . . . When a struggling mother reaches out for advice, contain the urge to brag on your kid. If you have no advice to give on that particular subject, give encouragement! Sometimes all a mama needs is a hug and some positive affirmations to get her through a tough time.

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