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Saying Goodbye to the Ol’ Baby Registry

baby registry

First-time baby registries are typically filled with the essentials: bottles, breast pumps, baby monitors. All the things the attendant at Buy Buy Baby tells the expecting mom she MUST have. 

But, now that I’ve been around the baby registry block a few times, I’ve decided I’m tired of playing it safe. Diaper genies and boppy pillows? No thanks. 

From now on, I’m going rogue! 

Housecleaning service for a few weeks? (Yes please!)

Specially-curated baskets of tried and true products? (I’m all in.) 

Indestructible baby books? (Yep! They exist!

So, if you’re ready to go “off-registry” and surprise your favorite mom-to-be with some unique baby gifts, I’ve got the list for you.

Gifts of Service 

Will/estate planning.  Okay, so I know talking about death at a baby shower is probably not very popular, but every new cleaningparent needs to get their will done in order to protect their child’s future in the event of the unimaginable. If you are an attorney or know someone who can provide this service (at your cost), it can help a new family be prepared.

Housecleaning. What could be better than coming home from the hospital to a clean, organized home? Give the new mom a week (or month) of house cleaning services and she will love you forever. 

Freezer meals. All new moms need food, so whether it’s organizing a meal calendar (like or stocking their refrigerator and freezer, meals are a priceless gift

Indestructible bookBoutique Bliss 

Kissy Kissy and Kickee Pants. Most moms are too practical to buy expensive, tiny clothes . . . but these coveted convertible gowns are always worth the splurge! Soft Peruvian pima cotton and bamboo threads feel like butter, and look cute on baby, too.

The Nested Bean Zen Swaddle. This pima cotton swaddle blanket is a step above the typical Velcro swaddle, with its genius bean bag pockets designed to make baby feel like they are being held while they sleep. 

Indestructibles. These tiny paper books fit inside diaper bags and provide baby with both teething comfort and brain stimulation. Win/Win! 

Personalized Picks 

  • Olioh. I have loved gifting new moms with monogrammed burp cloths from Olioh over the years. This site lets you be the designer, using their wide selection of fabrics and thread. It’s easy and reasonably priced.
  • I See Me books. Darling personalized baby books are a treat for baby and mom, filled with lullabies and rhymes using the child’s name. They also have a great selection for big brother or sister, too! 
  • Inchbug Labels. Personalized adhesive labels help distinguish baby’s items at daycare, church, or preschool, and this mom-approved brand is known to withstand the test of time.

Get Mama Organized 

  • file foldersFile folders. Every new mom walks away from the hospital with a stack of papers that only continues to grow. Some cute accordion-style file folders, or a hanging file box, will help mom get things in order.
  • Laundry basket & supplies. Not the most glamorous gift, but a laundry basket filled with delicious-smelling baby detergent and those tiny mesh bags (to keep baby’s socks from separating) will be frequently used!
  • Hanging storage for the back of the door. Babies come with a lot of teeny, tiny things. Help mama keep up with all the random q-tips, baby mittens, and hair accessories with a hanging shoe organizer.

It’s the Thought 

  • Letters. Get sentimental when you organize family and friends to write a letter for the child to open each birthday with words of wisdom (and maybe some cash?) for the year ahead. 
  • Basket of favorite products. I love using products that my friends have tested ahead of me. A special basket filled with all your favorite baby bath products or diaper creams will give the new mom a variety of things to try.
  • Engraved cake cutter. This is one of the most unique and special gift ideas I’ve ever seen . . . an engraved cake cutter for the child to use each birthday and eventually, at their wedding. (Cue the tears!)

Creature Comforts for the Nursing Mom  

oils and flowersNursing tanks or pajamas. Sometimes moms forget they need a few splurges, too! A soft gown or robe for the hospital, or your favorite nursing tanks or bras will keep mom’s spirits up during those midnight nursing sessions. Check out one FWMB contributors favorite, Undercover Mamas

  • Breastfeeding Survival Kit. A basket of nipple creams, Milkies milk savers, and bra liners is what every nursing mom needs the most! Throw in a cute water bottle, some essential oils, and some snacks, and she’ll be ready.
  • Milk Snob Nursing CoverThis cream of the crop nursing cover does extra duty as a blanket, shopping cart cover, and carseat canopy. She needs this! 

Moms, I know you have more ideas . . . what are some of your favorite “off-registry” gifts to give or receive?

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