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Winter to Spring Transition: Five Fashion Must Haves

FashionTarrant County’s climate (like most weather in Texas) can be confusing sometimes during the transition from winter to spring, which can also confuse our sense of fashion. It’s not cold enough for our big ol’ chunky sweaters, and not quite warm enough to bust out our shorts. (Well, maybe some days.) 

Some days we go through two, and maybe even three, seasons all together in a single day. I’ll wake up all bundled while freezing my tush off in the morning, sweat my face off in 80 degree weather in the afternoon, and enjoy a hot cup of tea to warm up a bit in the cool evening.

On these days, I look Texas straight in the face and say, “Texas, go home. You’re drunk.”

That being said, deciding what to wear can be a difficult and daunting task! Layers and versatility are key to my wardrobe on days in that awkward transitional winter to spring period. There are five items that make a constant appearance in my day-to-day outfits. These items get me through the crazy days that make up the end of winter and beginning of spring. 

Whether you’re a Fort Worth native or are planning a trip to visit our fabulous Cowtown, these tips are for you!

{Disclaimer: I am no fashion expert. I’m just a girl with a fashion Pinterest board.}

My Five Fashion Must Haves 

T-shirts – T-shirts are THE best! They’re the perfect thing to wear as your first layer. You can dress them up with a cute scarf, or if it’s a laid back day, you can keep it simple with just a straight up t-shirt! 

My personal favorite T-shirts: (H&M Long T-shirt; Madewell Whisper Cotton Crewneck Tee)

Cardigans – I never leave my house without a light weight knit cardigan during the end of winter and spring. Cardigans are easy to pop on in the cool mornings, to strip off in the hot afternoon, and to put back on for warmth in the evening.

My personal favorite cardigans: (Old Navy Long Open-Front Cardi; Abercrombie & Fitch Boyfriend Cardigan

Chambray shirt – Hello chambray everything! I’m obsessed with chambray, and I especially love chambray button ups. I mean chambray tops are so comfortable and versatile, how can you NOT like them?!

My personal favorite chambray shirts: (Walmart Raglan Sleeves Round Neck; LOFT Chambray Bib Shirt; GAP 1969 Denim Utility Popover)

Skinny jeans – Again, keyword here is VERSATILE! Skinny jeans go with EVERYTHING, so of course they’re on my everyday wear list.

My personal favorite skinny jeans: (Nordstrom Hoxton High Rise Ultra Skinny Jeans; Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Super Stretch Skinny Maternity Jeans; Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Built-In Sculpt Jeans)

Ankle boots (a.k.a. BOOTIES!) – Booties are my absolute favorite shoe. They can make a serious fashion statement and can bring a simple outfit to a whole new level. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, AND dresses. Again, VERSATILE!

My personal favorite booties: (Nordstrom “Peera” Cutout Bootie; Zappos TOMS Desert Wedge; Lane Boots Dove-Honey)

What are YOUR most favorite go-to items for the transition from winter to spring? 

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