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Kids Answer: What Is Love?

Valentine candyRoses, hearts, chocolates. Conversation candies, cupcakes, glitter, glitter, and more glitter. The Valentine’s season is among us. The day the kids take in treats for the whole class, and a day that you, momma, should be a little bit pampered. It’s the one day of the year that is specially set aside for everyone to celebrate love. There are so many types of love, and it is different for everyone. So, as today is Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to ask our FWMB kids what they think love is. Some answers will make you laugh, some make you say “Awww,” and some make you believe truth really does come from the mouth of babes. 

Abigail, age 5: Love means that you love people. It means you care about them soooo very much and you will always take good care of them.

Eleanor, age 22 months: Love. Love. I love you, mommy. I love french fries.

Lilly, age 5: Love is when you give hugs and kisses and be kind to one another.

Blakely, age 3: Hugs.

Ruthie, age 5: Love is being kind and helping your friend and being nice. Like giving them a real life pony.

Harry, age 4: Love is kindness. And candy.

Jet, age 7: When you love someone you give them hugs and play with them.

Preslie, age 6: Love is something that you love, like you really, really love them like your mom and dad.

Miller, age 5: Love is the Holy Spirit.

Anna, age 5: It’s when you love somebody. I don’t really know.

Louisa, age 2: My mama.

Colin, age 4: I love you.

Donovan, age 5: Something that means when you like someone.

Liam, age 10: What you feel.

Carrie, age 12: A passion for something, an enjoyment of something/someone.

Tazaria, age 9: Love is when you care for them dearly and when they are in need, you help them.

Preston, age 4: Love is special food and taking good care of you. OH! And when you take us to a hotel! Can we go to a hotel?!?

Colin, age 9: Love is when you care about someone so much that you have all the big feelings.

Noah, age 7: It’s hard to explain.

Elijah, age 4: Love is a thing where you love people and you are happy with them.

Derek, age 5: Love people. You give them hugs and kisses and cuddle.

Lewis, age 6: Love is patience and kindness.

Archibald, age 3: Love is hearts.

Lucas, age 5: Love is hearts, hugs, and smooches.

Jake, age 2: Love is you!

Lennox, age 2: It’s when you make something for people and babies.

Your turn! Ask your kiddos, “What is love?” Then post their answers in the comments.

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