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Most Popular FWMB Posts 2016

From 2015 to 2016, the Fort Worth Moms Blog made so many new friends online and offline! It’s been such a great year of growth. During that 12-month period, we’ve seen a 91 percent increase in page views — which is blowing our mind! Below you will see the FWMB posts that got the most clicks. No surprise there are some great resources that made this list, something FWMB is known for. You can expect even more one-stop resources as 2017 unfolds. In fact, we’d love to know what topics, what resources, what events you’d like to see from the Fort Worth Moms Blog. Please consider completing our “FWMB Reader Survey,” grading us on a job well done and making suggestions for the future. The survey will be open through January 15, 2017.

Fort Worth Moms Blog logoSo now, drum roll please . . . in no particular order, the 2016 top 10 most popular posts on the Fort Worth Moms Blog!!!

The Instant Pot Simplified: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes to Get You Started :: If you haven’t seen this appliance work its magic, you probably think the women touting its amazingness found their way into some other type of “instant pot” based on all of their crazy claims! However, I am here to set the record straight: The Instant Pot truly is magical, and it will completely transform mealtime in your home. 

FWMB 2016 Guide to Pumpkin Patches & Fall Festivals :: The Fort Worth Moms Blog has worked hard to find the best pumpkin patches and fall festivals that Tarrant County has to offer. Load up your family and friends, visit a few, and let us know your favorites!

Indoor Fun in Tarrant County :: Is it too hot? Or too cold? Rainy outside? Mosquitos everywhere? You need ideas for indoor activities, places to go? Look no further than the Fort Worth Mom’s Blog guide to TONS of indoor fun found all over Tarrant County.

The Days Are Long {On Dealing with My Daughter’s Death from Hyperthermia} :: The next morning my husband went upstairs to get Sammie while I started to make coffee. As soon as he yelled my name, I knew something was terribly wrong. The screeching panic in his voice made me freeze. He ran down the stairs carrying our little angel’s lifeless body, who just hours before had been so feistySammie Angel and the center of our world. Attempts to resuscitate her failed, and she was pronounced dead 50 minutes later at the emergency room. That day was the longest, most gut-wrenching day of my life, one another parent should never be forced to endure.

Confessions of a Kindergarten Teacher: What Your Child Really Needs to Know Before Starting Kindergarten :: A simple Google search on the subject will reveal hundreds of skill checklists, tips, assessments, and articles dedicated to the topic of kindergarten readiness. From letters and sounds, to zipping and snapping clothing, these checklists offer valuable information for curious parents. What many of these checklists do not offer are the simple, sometimes obvious skills that are often left forgotten. So, without further ado, here is the inside scoop on what your child really needs to know that you will not find on a checklist.

Best Trick-or-Treat Spots in Tarrant County :: Halloween is fun for all ages! Take a peek at what the Tarrant County area has to offer your family.

2016 FWMB Guide to Holiday Happenings :: This one-stop resource features several categories: Christmas lights, displays, and parades; stage shows and performances; festive and family-friendly events; breakfast with Santa locations; and Christmas tree farm.

The Day I Stopped Wishing for My Child to “Stay Little Always” :: And one of my favorite chores each season is going through my children’s drawers to pack away too-tiny clothes. I remember where my son wore each outfit and how he loved those faded blue fleece sweatpants. I used to cry when I did this, basking in the nostalgia of days gone by. But not anymore. Now I celebrate it. In fact, I can never cry over growing up or growing old again. Not since we were told our daughter was going to die.

2016 Guide to Preschools and Parents’ Day Out in Tarrant County :: What’s the #1 question we are asked??? What preschools do you recommend? Moms want to know the options, where others send their kids — and why, and what educational philosophy those schools abide by. So, we compiled a list of schools across Tarrant County that are great options for your little ones. You’ll find a variety of curriculum choices, pricing options, and time slots.

Toddler with baby selfSeven Reasons It’s Okay to Have ONE Child :: Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my child, and I LOVE being a mom. It’s the coolest job I’ve ever had. But, Shawn and I have several valid reasons why Avery will be an only child.

There you have it: the most popular posts of 2016. Now tell us, what was one of your favorite FWMB posts of all time????

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