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The Secret Behind Staying Fit

the secret behind staying fit

Disclaimer ::  BODYARMOR sponsored this post and provided FWMB Contributor Meagan with complimentary product. These words are her own opinions and ideas.

The secret behind staying fit in the midst of balancing motherhood and life seems like it would have to be a mastered science reserved for the textbook gym addict. The reality is, anyone can achieve a fit lifestyle if we dedicate our minds to being intentional about what we put into our bodies and how we stay active. Before having children, our priorities were our own make, but as soon as we birthed those sweet little children, our own priorities diminish into the land of the lost and often times, our health goes with it. In order to gain our health back and make a lifestyle change that centers around our own health and fitness, we have to be committed to that change which requires intentional action. Below are three simple tips to kickstart your fitness revolution.

Stay Active

Whether it’s a 30-minute hike around the lake with your kids, an evening swim with your family, or hitting the gym for weights and cardio that gets that your sweat going, staying intentionally active is key. Planning fitness into your daily routine doesn’t have to be boxed into a gym or a pair of running shoes. No matter what your activity looks like, it not only helps you trim down your waistline, but it also assists in clearing the mind, providing a healthy, emotional release from the stress of motherhood and life. Begin by choosing a time of day that fits into your schedule where you can consistently carve out time to keep your body moving. Not only does this benefit you personally, but if you are active with your children, the additional activity benefits them as well! The more committed and dedicated you are to making activity a party of your daily routine, the more physical and mental benefits you will see.

Stay Hydrated

Before you get started on your activity, remember to hydrate. Our bodies need to be hydrated in order to maximize our strength, endurance, and coordination. Dehydration can expend our energy before we even have a chance to use it affecting more than just our physical activity, but also our mental stability and clarity. BODYARMOR Sports Drink is the perfect choice for both hydrating your body before you are active and after. It fuels your body with vitamins A, E, C, B6, B12, and zinc {hello, immunity booster!} and replenishes your body with potassium packed electrolyabout-bodyarmor-infographic-2tes and coconut water. Best of all, BODYARMOR is an all-natural alternative to traditional sports drinks. With no additives or artificial colors and sweetened with pure cane sugar, it makes the perfect sports drink for everyone in your family.

Being intentional about hydration is key to sustaining endurance for maximum activity and replenishing the nutrients lost for our overall health.

Stay Prepared

Once you’ve adequately hydrated and started incorporating activity into your daily schedule, control your nutritional habits by meal planning and prepping for the week. At the beginning of each week, create a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and do as much prep ahead of time as you can. Being prepared, especially with meals that can be made before the work day begins or while the kids are in school, gives us more motivation to stay the course. Meal plan your snacks as well. Keep them basic, healthy, and filling like almonds, trail mix, or fruit. On those busy nights of chauffeuring kids around, be sure to throw in a simple snack alongside; instead of a soda, throw a BODYARMOR  into your bag to provide superior hydration, loaded with vitamins and without anything artificial. {Did I mention it also contains 35 percent of our daily value in zinc, which boosts our immune system? We all know Mamas don’t get sick days.} Becoming more intentional about what you consume sounds daunting, but it can be relatively simple with a little bit of weekly effort.

Staying active, hydrated, and prepared is easy to do with the help of BODYARMOR Sports Drinks.  It comes in 8-delicious flavors:  fruit punch, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, lemon lime, mixed berry, grape, and blackout berry and can be found at your local Kroger, Target, or Quick Trip!


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