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Love My Local: Richland Hills

Approximately 10 miles northeast of Fort Worth, nestled between Haltom City, Hurst, and North Richland Hillls, lies the city of Richland Hills. Our little city often gets mistaken for North Richland Hills, but, rest assured, Richland Hills is its own entity. It’s filled with friendly folks, lots of trees, parks, trails, and beautiful homes that are not too close or too far apart (they’re juuuuust right).

Playground, Swinging

I love that when I’m at home, I feel far away from everything. It’s quaint, it’s quiet, and there are no street lights in our neighborhood, so at night the stars are extra bright. Yet, when I want to go out, I’m close to so many fun places! Downtown Fort Worth is a short 10 minute drive, and it takes me a whopping eight minutes to get to the North East Mall in Hurst and other shopping plazas in North Richland Hills. Also, let’s not forget what is REALLY important . . . there are about three Chick-fil-A’s less than five miles from us.

One of my favorite things about Richland Hills is the mix of suburban life and country. I love going on walks around our neighborhood. You go two miles in one direction and you find shops, a mall, a movie theater, restaurants, and bustling streets. You go two miles in the opposite direction, and you will find peaceful pastures with horses, goats, chickens, and cows.

Since Richland Hills is so small, some of our favorite places are just right outside the city limits in North Richland Hills (our very big and more dense sister city).

  • A.R.S. / Rescue Rooter (Richland Hills/Fort Worth) – This is an AC repair and plumbing service. They are quick, hard-working, and SO nice! They saved our tushies at the beginning of the summer. Our AC unit went out on a 90-degree day. I was anticipating not being able to get it fixed for at least a day, maybe even two. When I called to get something scheduled, they came out immediately, and 1.5 hours after my phone call to get something scheduled, our home was sufficiently cooled. One hundred thumbs up from us!Coffee, Work
  • Family Pet Clinic of Richland Hills (North Richland Hills) – The vets and staff here are absolutely WONDERFUL! I can’t praise them enough. They take such good care of our fur babies.
  • Expressions Chiropractic (North Richland Hills) – Dr. Kara Paeltz will change your life for the better! Headaches? Sore back? Stiff neck? Chances are it’s all connected, and Dr. Kara Paeltz goes above and beyond to get you feeling your very best. Once she’s worked her magic, she teaches you exercises and stretches that help keep you feeling like your best self.
  • Roots Coffee (North Richland Hills) – The coffee here is magical. Really and truly magical. Since I work from home, I have spent many days here when my mother-in-law babysits during the day. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of joe, a muffin, and crack down on the ol’ to-do list.
  • Creek Trail Park (Richland Hills) – This is one of our favorite parks close to our home. We love how open it is! It’s a great place to picnic while your kids wander the playground.
  • Richland Hills Library (Richland Hills) – I LOVE LIBRARIES! Richland Hills’ library is pretty dang superb. There are many great choices for adults, the kid section is THE BOMB, and it has year round family events!
  • Poor Daddy’s BBQ (North Richland Hills) – THE BEST BBQ! This place is SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD! Pulled pork sandwich. Mac & Cheese. Green Beans. Peach Cobbler. Sweet Tea. Man, oh man! Poor Daddy’s is my jam! If you’re searching for good ol’ Texas BBQ, this is it!

Have you visited Richland Hills? What are some of your favorite things about Richland Hills?


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