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The Push, Nudge, or Confirmation to Be Your Own Boss

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Do you have a hobby, a craft, or an idea that you’ve been toying around with? Have you ever been told that you make, cook, or bake the best this or that? Ever wondered what it would be like to bring in supplemental income, set your own hours, and answer to yourself? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then you just might be the next up and coming small business owner.

For me, starting my own business is something I never dreamed of. Most of my employment was in the corporate world, but I always had a passion for cooking and baking for others. I never imagined that someday my passion could and would turn into my main source of income.

Some of the excitement of becoming your own boss involves:

  • No longer answering to anyone other than yourself.
  • Being able to become more creative with your product without prior approval.
  • Learning to become a “one woman show.”

Some of the advantages are:

  • The ability to generate your own income by doing something you love.
  • Direct interaction with the public and would-be customers.
  • Being responsible for all aspects of your business.

Once you demonstrate, display, and market your product, it’s pure excitement to witness the positive reception you receive from complete strangers. Hearing how great your cake tastes or how much someone’s daughter loved the earrings you made will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

However, owning your own business is a “roller coaster ride.” I don’t want to give the impression that it’s all thrills and excitement, with no tears and trials or ups and downs. I can honestly say I haven’t experienced any real tears yet, but I’ll never rule them out. I have, however, experienced frustration, long hours, feeling like it’s not worth it, and wondering whether or not I’m capable of actually being my own boss.

I’ve come to learn that all of these thoughts and feelings are to be expected. I’ve also learned that if I hadn’t taken the first step, I would never know just how strong I really am and how much willpower I truly have. I’m still quite new to this (seven months in), but believe me when I say it’s been a wonderful learning experience in which I’ve not only learned something new about being a business owner, but also something new about myself EVERYDAY. If I can do it . . . SO CAN YOU! You too can make your dream a reality, set your own hours, make your own money, and answer only to yourself. So why not share your gift or passion with the world?

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