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Summer Magic: An Unexpected Mom Perk

Motherhood has a lot of perks, but here’s one I didn’t see coming: summer is magical again. As a true lover of sunshine, baseball, lightning bugs (translation: fireflies), and drive-in movie theaters, I’ve always been a summer enthusiast. But, as adulthood took its hold, I started griping more and more about the heat and seeing less and less of the enchantment that these summer months can hold. Neighborhood kids playing late into the evening, that intoxicating mix of sunscreen and chlorine, a perfectly grilled hot dog, the first crack of a baseball bat. All of these things are some of life’s simplest and sweetest gifts. Now, as a mom, I’m experiencing them all again.

I’m also encouraged by the fact that other moms get excited about it too. I love seeing the Facebook countdowns until summer, last day of school celebrations at the sno-cone stand, and especially the looks on your kids’ faces when they see how pumped you are for them, how excited you are to see their precious little faces more hours of the day for the next few months. I know, I know. . . a big part of that excitement may be that you don’t have to wake up extra early to make lunches or stay up extra late to wash uniforms and work on school projects, but let’s not let them in on that little tidbit, okay?

baseballLet’s jump up and down with them (literally try it, it’s a stellar work out) about heading to the pool for the first time this season, about taking that annual beach or camping vacation, and especially about eating way too much ice cream, watching way too many movies at the theater, and yelling for the Rangers way too loudly. This is the season you will remember with your kids, so please savor it. Don’t stress over the cost of the vacation, if they might throw up after too much cotton candy at the carnival (they will), or if the Independence Day movie was too violent (it probably was, but they’ll live).

In a few short summers from now, those babies will be walking across a graduation stage, and most of the memories that will run through your head will be from summers past. Don’t waste these precious summers that we’ve been given. Make them count. Bask in the magic, momma.


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