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ACH Child and Family Services // Caring for Abandoned and Neglected Children

ACH logoIn 1915, a group of women from churches of various denominations banded together to help the growing number of destitute women in the Fort Worth area. In 1930, this group would change its focus to helping and caring for the abandoned and neglected children of Fort Worth, and thus the All Church Home was born. Again in 2010, ACH realized that Fort Worth’s needs were changing, so it opened its doors to other members of the community, adopting the name ACH Child and Family Services.

ACH EntryThe ultimate goal of the ACH is to “protect children and preserve families.” It states that, “Abuse, neglect, and family separation are significant problems in the communities we serve, and without help, the long-term impact on children can prevent them from living healthy, productive lives.” Because of these issues, its programs are focused on preventing the abuse and neglect many children may be exposed to, and to help those that have already been affected by these tragedies. ACH has more than a century of helping children under its belt, and, as a result of this experience, it exemplifies its “mission to work with families, whenever possible, to strengthen their ability to care for their children safely.”


ACH Child and Family Services provides three main areas of service: Preservation services that focus on families in situations that may lead to abuse or neglect; treatment services that aim to repair the tragedies children of abuse and neglect experience in a safe and stable environment; and safety and stability services designed to aid children who are in a crisis situation and require immediate help. For a full list of services and their descriptions, click here.

Real help for real life

2016 Real Help for Real Life Counselors.

In addition, ACH also manages a free program, Real Help for Real Life, which is open to youth ages 17 and under and helps participants cope and overcome real-life issues such as conflict at home, bullying, anger management, school attendance, behavior problems, or reckless or criminal behavior. More information on this program can be found here.

To request any of these services, please call ACH Child and Family Services intake line at 817.335.HOPE (4673). If it is not able to provide a service for you or a loved one, it will help refer you to other agencies for assistance.

Get Involved

Be Their Voice BannerApril is Child Abuse Prevention Month and ACH is working hard to get it the recognition it deserves through their campaign Be Their Voice. Greta Halgren, outreach coordinator, explains that this initiative involves, “Encouraging the community to advocate for our children in the future by pledging to Be Their Voice today through many means such as social media (#betheirvoice), buying a t-shirt, making a donation, giving time, attending a Learning Lunch, or simply watching a video.” To become apart of this movement and for more information, please click here.

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