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The Mom-Bod Swimsuit Conundrum

Pools . . . splash pads . . . beaches (in my dreams, more like sprinklers) . . . and lakes. Are you kidding me?!

What is the common denominator here? Oh my gracious, I need a new swimsuit!

Y’all, I have enjoyed the comfort food of the winter months a little too much, and so the only thing rock hard about my body are my bones. And let’s face it, that may even be a little iffy. (Uh oh, did I take my calcium today?! Oh geez, I’m a mom and have the MOM BOD enter ominous dun dun dun here). I love winter and the loveliness of sweaters and am exceedingly grateful that high rise jeans are trending and are not called “mom jeans.” But dear friends, it’s time to start thinking about swimsuit choices. We can do it; it’s not so daunting if we do it together, right!

For the past few years my go to swimwear have been my Nike running shorts, a sports bra, and a lululemon tank. It certainly did the job and covered everything, but, goodness me, it was not the cutest combo, especially when I was with other people! It’s about time to get a real swimsuit.

Let’s jump right in to some of my favorite suits of 2016!

*Click image to link to each suit site*

IMG_6386  IMG_6387  IMG_6388

IMG_6389      IMG_6391    IMG_6392

If you see me this summer in my suit just say, “GIRL, you look amazing!” and I will do the same for you. Girlfriends have to stick together — even if I did eat one too many donuts the other day!

(Speaking of donuts. If this post resonated with you, not to fear, we have an accountability meeting every Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. over at Donut Haven in Roanoke. You know you’re at the right spot if you see the giant Camp Gladiator flag in front. #keepinitREAL)

(*small print* there is not actually an accountability group, but chances are you may see me at that donut shop, but not every Saturday since I have a new swimsuit to fit in!!)

Did I miss any great suits?

Happy swimming, sun-bathing, and let’s face it . . . chasing after kiddos and grabbing another Honest Juice Pouch in your cute new suit!


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