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Forever Loved: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance

forever-loved-sidebarOctober marks an official time when we acknowledge and grieve those little loves we’ve lost too soon. October is the month we come alongside our friends, our sisters, our neighbors to remember the joy of children forever loved and the sadness of loss.

But, of course, these lives — baby and mama alike — matter beyond the 31 days of October. So the Fort Worth Moms Blog created a way for us to celebrate and commemorate those precious little ones no longer with us.

The Forever Loved Never Forgotten wall is dedicated to pregnancy and infant loss remembrance. Those little lives, however brief, made an impact. We’d like to help you visually mark those lives lost too soon. If you’d like to add your baby to this wall, we would be honored to remember him or her with you. Please email the name and/or date you would like added to info{at}fortworthmomsblog{dot}com. You are welcome to list any date you wish, along with a full name or simply Baby {last name}. For instance, to honor a child lost through miscarriage, you could simply say Baby Jones, and then indicate which month. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can visit the Forever Loved Never Forgotten wall by clicking here.

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