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Love My Local: SW Fort Worth/Wedgwood

Love My Local logoAlmost two years ago now, we packed up and moved from the beautiful state of Hawaii to Fort Worth. Upon arrival, I longed for the short drive to the beach, missed the never ending beautiful sunsets (because I’m too grumpy in the mornings to enjoy sunrises), and really thought I would never be as happy here.

Boy, was I wrong! From the smiling faces to the endless list of family friendly activities, I can honestly say I love Fort Worth and I love MY local. Fort Worth has so much to offer! And while we do enjoy downtown and the stockyards, my local has so much to offer as well!


My son enjoying the ducks over a year ago. Never gets old.

First, my neighborhood is old fashion in that everyone knows each other and is involved in each other’s lives. When I drive down the road, everyone waves. Happy or unhappy, it’s like one big family. At first, this really freaked me out. Every time our car pulled in the driveway, one of our neighbors was there to greet us with lots of questions and some advice on something — when to water our flowers, how to cover our spickets, when to trim our tree, how to save on electricity costs, etc. While it took some getting used to, I have grown to love and appreciate each one of them. It is such a comfort knowing your neighbors and that they are looking out for you. The first time our family went on vacation, my next door neighbor got upset that we didn’t tell them so they could “keep an eye on our house.” How sweet is that? Honestly, I just love it.IMG_20150612_115023240

Second, there is so much to do in my direct neighborhood. As a proud second hand shopper, I value a neighborhood with lots of estate sales and garage sales. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Wedgwood offers nearly every. single. weekend. However if you’re not a second hand shopper, there is also the Candleridge park that has a beautiful walking trail, many play areas, large grass areas for picnics or games, and ducks to feed (my son’s favorite)! We can usually be found wherever the ducks are, feeding them stale bread, or at the swings (my daughter’s favorite). You’ll spot us because my son will be yelling something like “Hey duck, I got yummy bread. It’s yummy to your tummy.” Yup, that’s us, so stop and say hi!


Even my little guy loves the catfish!

Third, the unique dining nearby is to die for. While it may not be the fanciest dining, it sure is yummy! Being from Mississippi, I know my catfish, and my favorite Fort Worth catfish can be found just a few blocks away at Krispy Catfish. Get the fish strips, and you won’t be disappointed! The flavor is delish. Also if you are looking for something different with a variety of scrumptious desserts, you definitely don’t want to miss Tastebuds. We have visited there often and haven’t found a dish that we don’t like.

And I can’t write about “my local” without mentioning Chick-fil-A AltaMesa, because it’s kind of like our home away from home. The friendly staff, tasty food, wonderful service, and CLEAN play area are sure to impress. Not to mention, they have a drive through theater on Saturdays where they give out free, yes free, chick fila items. Score!

Finally, the discount shopping can’t be beat! You are sure to find what you are looking for and without the least bit of buyer’s remorse. Winco always has great sales on groceries. Seriously, I’ve shopped around, and I am still impressed by their prices! Uptown Cheepskate is the perfect place to shop if you desire quality clothing at a discounted price. They have the cutest clothing and jewelry, and they will buy your used clothes. Not to mention, they often have $10 bag sales where you pay $10 for a bag full of clothes! It’s really a win all around. Last but not least, Kid to Kid also offers a variety of kids clothing, often seasonal, at a discount! At times, they will also have strollers, swings, books, etc available as well.

Southwest Fort Worth is sure to warm your heart and make you feel right at home, and that is why I love my local!

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