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Fresh and Clean Ideas for Spring

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Our mild winter temperatures have me, and some local daffodils, fooled. But, I’m ready to freshen up for spring.

It’s likely the daffodils bursting from the ground that have me so ready for springtime, and getting me in the spring cleaning mode at the house. Whether you’re more inclined to clean, decorate, or bring life back to your home with live plants, here are a couple fresh ideas.

This is my checklist for tasks I have been busy with that go beyond the usual routine and will have your house feeling much lighter.

  • Shower curtains. Wash the shower curtains (and liners), or replace them with new ones that add revived interest to the bathrooms.
  • Bathroom storage. Empty medicine cabinet and bathroom storage cabinet; safely discard old or expired medicine, make-up, and personal care items; clean the surfaces or replace with new contact paper.
  • Windows. Add a mixture of equal parts white distilled vinegar and water to a spray bottle and prepare to have enough paper towels or newsprint so you don’t have to re-wipe any window glass with a dirty part. Note: Windows will look their best when you clean the outside . . . and the inside. After cleaning all the exterior windows recently, and it not looking completely clean, I was amazed by how much dirt was on the inside too (thanks to having 90-year-old windows, that I love, but oh my word, are drafty).
  • Kitchen. Set the oven to the self-clean setting (during a time the kids won’t be home).
  • Dust. Ceiling fans and light fixtures that are out of reach are usually overlooked. Take special note to wiping any dust off light bulbs themselves to allow for brighter light output.
  • Buy fresh flowers and have plenty of greenery all around the house. Calloway’s has the most darling little plants for $2.99 each in a variety of kinds, perfect for a terrarium or small indoor pots. Trader Joe’s is a great spot for fresh cut flowers at an inexpensive price. 
  • Vacuum (with a shop-vac) or shovel ashes from the fireplace.
  • Use dish soap and an outdoor water hose with a powerful setting to rinse your large, outdoor trash cans.
  • Spray cleaner on vents and then use a knife wrapped in an old washcloth to get rid of dust bunnies, readjusting the rag as you work.
  • Freshen up the front door with a new wreath.

Find a new wreath for your front door to freshen up your entryway for spring.

This wreath started with a simple grapevine wreath from the craft store; one I picked up for under $5. You can add felt flowers, like I did, in whatever color fits your decor. And these yarn pom poms are also quick to make and will add lots of texture and interest to your home’s entry. Or, add a bunny or artificial tulips for a real pop of spring or Easter theme.

As spring arrives, I hope we can all soak up the sunshine and get motivated to make our homes healthier and more organized.


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  1. Amanda February 26, 2015 at 10:44 am #

    Nice work on the wreath. Love it!!

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