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Kegel Balls: Keeping ‘Depends’ Away One Day at a Time {Sponsored Post & Giveaway from The Velvet Box}

Disclosure :: The Velvet Box sponsored this post and they didn’t just want to tell us about pelvic health in their post from their sexpert, Beth, they wanted to let us see it for ourselves.  They provided a FWMB contributor with Lelo Luna Kegel balls.

As a mother, one asks herself a lot of questions: Did we do enough tummy time today? Are all of the outlets covered? Do we really have to have organic strawberries? Does the two-second rule still count? Did everyone bathe today?

One question, for me, is constant: Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

I asked this question when I had my first child as the nurse presented me with a squirt bottle for my restroom trips and when I still looked 4 months pregnant upon checking out of the hospital with my newborn. I asked this question when I fished Alexis out of her crib one morning and left behind copious amounts of her hair because babies shed, don’t you know? I’ve asked this question when I hear my mother’s voice come out of my mouth. And a few years ago, I asked this question when we went to a trampoline park in town and I couldn’t jump without . . . well . . . you know.

That’s right, moms. No one ever told me that post-children, I wouldn’t be able to jump or laugh or sneeze even without having to cross my legs and pray for dryness. How was I ever to know that jumping jacks would be completely impossible? Or speeding up at the end of a race in a sprint to the finish is the riskiest of endeavors?

When I asked my beloved OB/GYN about this issue (and believe me, I asked him why HE didn’t tell me that it would happen, either. Of ALL people), he said that Kegel exercises were the answer. These exercises are simple enough: just clench your pelvic muscles together as if you are stopping urination mid-stream. Kegel often and you will strengthen your pelvic floor and stop the incontinence issue.

Seems easy enough, right? The thing is that I often forget to Kegel. What’s a girl to do? Well, moms, the answer is Kegel balls.

Think of Kegel balls like your training partners: you can work out on your own, but you’re more likely to do when you are accountable to someone else.

Long before this post, I invested in a set of Kegel balls from The Velvet Box, which is an upscale shop dedicated to inspiring passion for their clients. The shop features all manner of products for intimacy including a selection of products to help women strengthen our pelvic floors.

For this post, I was offered the chance to review Lelo Luna Beads. These are the Velvet Box’s best-selling Kegel exercise product with a price point of about $60. Luna Beads come in two sizes: classic and mini. Lelo, the manufacturer, states that the classic size is the one preferred by women who have experienced childbirth.

Upon opening the package of Luna Beads, one finds four beads and a silicone harness as well as instructions and lubrication gel. The pink beads weigh 28 grams each and the blue beads weigh 37 grams each. Use is fairly simple: select the amount of weight you prefer (you may use two beads at once in the silicone harness) or one bead at a time, lubricate, and insert as you would a tampon. Then, carry on with your normal daily activities for as long as you prefer and remove. Clean with warm water and mild soap.

I can already speak to the value of Kegel balls as a tool as I have had amazing pee-sneeze-free results, and I sprinted the last part of a half-marathon recently without issue. Using the Luna Beads, in particular, yielded the same experience to which I’ve been accustomed with one distinct difference: the little weights in the beads do roll around a produce a light sense of vibration which is supposed to have a sensual effect on the user. In my case, this vibration just served as a reminder of the beads’ presence as I couldn’t feel them otherwise. All women are different, though, so you might have a more . . . ahem, interesting experience.

So, friends, if you are one of the mamas praying for dryness upon jumping, sneezing, sprinting, or laughing, save your prayers for more important matters because Kegel balls will definitely make a difference. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Want to check out this awesome product and many more at The Velvet Box ? Enter to win a $50 gift card to be used at any of the 3 Fort Worth area locations! {cross-posted}

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